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Meet The Team

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” –Plato

The Camp Canyon concept was born from the experience and vision of a team of veteran camp professionals determined to create a top tier camp with unparalleled facilities that could be offered to parents at a fraction of the cost of other high end camps.
Canyon provides the perfect, affordable package for an exceptional summer camp experience: the best of North-eastern traditions, a strong leadership team and state of the art facilities that are unequalled in traditional camp settings. Having accomplished all this, we’d like to introduce you to the team that has made Canyon a reality and a success!


Don and Debra Moody (Directors) have over 30 years combined experience working year-round at traditional North-eastern camps including Belvoir Terrace, Camp Windau, Camp Danbee and Five Star Camps. They’ve combined the best of what these programs have to offer and brought them to Canyon.

Don Moody is a former Division I athlete with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Notre Dame (1991). Don spent his college summers working at a residential boys’ sports cam and, touched by the positive impact camp had on children’s lives he started his full-time camping career as a Program Director at Camp Windau in 1992, going on be become Associate Director. He dedicated 14 years to the campers and staff there and through his tenure has been a featured speaker at the Tri-state Camping Conference, has served as an American Camping Association Standards Visitor and is a current member of the American Camping Association.
Debra Moody received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (1992) and Master of Education in School Guidance and Counselling (1994) from Slippery Rock University. She has been active formally in summer camps and outreach programs since 1988, working variously as program director, gymnastics director, head counsellor, camp mom and staffing director. Debra has been a featured speaker at the Tri-State Camping Conference and is a current member of the American Camping Association.
Don and Debra met through camp in 1994. They now live in South Florida with their daughters, Jessica and Jordan.

Behind the Scenes…

Matthew Cannold (Founder) is the executive Director of Eagles Landing Camps & the Night Owls in South Florida. His father bought and ran Camp Breezemont in Westchester County, New York in 1971, and Matt grew up in the industry, becoming a Camp Winadu camper and staff member for 7 years. He later worked his way through the ranks as Assistant Director at Camp Laurel (1993) and Raquette Lake Boys Camp (1994) before becoming Assistant Director at Breezemont (1995 and 1996). In 1997 Matt relocated to South Florida to start Eagles Landing Camps. He earned his B.A. in Business from Skidmore College and his MBA from Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration. He also earned a degree in Education from Concordia College and is a long-time member of the American Camping Association. Mat has also been a featured speaker at the Tri-State Camping Conference and lives in South Florida with his daughters Drew and Ava.

In 2007, Matt along with Dona and Debra Moody developed a new vision of summer camping, one which combines the best values and traditions of North-eastern camping with incomparable staff and unparalleled facilities.


Like Father, Like Son.

Michael Cannold (Director Emeritus) was a dedicated teacher before transitioning to become a dynamic and successful camp director in his own right. He turned Breezemont Day Camp to THE premier day camp in Westchester County, NY from 1971-1987 serving clientele from New York City, Westchester County, Greenwich and Stanford Connecticut. Michael lives in South Florida with his wife Mimi.

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