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Facilities – The Fun Continues Rain Or Shine

Our facilities are top-notch and, unlike most all other camps, the fun continues rain or shine. We have incredible outdoor courts and fields are set to a backdrop of beautifully scenic mountains. Unlike other camps, we have an amazing indoor facility as well that we use in inclement weather which includes an Olympic style pool, four basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball courts and multipurpose arenas.

Outdoor facilities

Our soccer fields, baseball/softball fields, football fields, lacrosse fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and quarter mile track are spread over 1300 acres. There are also plenty of open spaces for fun and games with friends. Our hiking trails cover several miles of beautiful terrain with a campfire area.

Indoor facilities

In addition to having state of the art outdoor facilities, our indoor facilities are unparalleled. Our recreation center includes the natatorium, courts for racquet sports, weight training facilities, exercise area, Olympic style indoor pool, locker rooms, an indoor track, basketball courts, and a general purpose floor that can also accommodates a number of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Given these outstanding facilities, our program continues rain or shine.

Radio, Theater and more!

In addition to the indoor and outdoor field accommodations, we also offer our campers experience in a real Radio station that is broadcast right from campus.
Our campers who love theater will get real experience on a formal stage with professional lighting, backdrops and sound while the audience enjoys the show from real auditorium seating.


After a full day of activities and fun, our campers retire to an air conditioned bunk that accommodates eight campers and up to two counselors. There are two full bathrooms and a common area to congregate for bunk meetings and games. There is also a refrigerator included in each bunk area with a constant supply of fresh fruits and juices for healthy evening snacks.

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