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by Camp Canyon on August 10, 2012

A parent’s greatest concern is the development of their child. Providing the best opportunities to nurture children is of great concern. So many things come into play: schooling, extracurricular activities, their environment and parental guidance. The list is huge but every parent wants to ensure their Kids can develop to their maximum potential. With so many negative influences coming into play from outside their home, the parents can be left feeling a little helpless.

Enter Camps…
In the 1880s, many rising middle-class families worried that industrial society had broken off some piece of the American soul and its ties to the frontiers. Boys were growing soft: too much time with their mothers and their teachers, not enough MANLY activity.
1st Summer Camps
So they started up camps. Promising, as was so eloquently put by one of the early founders, to put “weakly boys out into camp life in the woods … so that the pursuit of health could be combined with the practical knowledge outside usual academic lines.”
Those first campers were really wilderness tourists; today a wilderness is any place without a cell reception. Despite it’s strange mandate, it did achieve what it set out to achieve – healthier, well rounded individuals.

Today, summer camps herald a pure relief for both the Kids and the parents out there. They provide an important platform for children to build confidence, independence, lifelong friends and skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.Canoeing Fun They offer a vital diversion of the day to day distractions caused by out gizmos and humdrum routine.
Everyone needs a healthy amount of distance, not just physical but psychological; let your kids stand on their own two feet and relish fresh challenges that force them to forge creative ideas, work in teams and communicate effectively.

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